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A New Kind of Dialogue, A New Kind of Lawyer.

Program Overview and History

There is a growing need for professionals who understand both technology and law, and can synthesize the demands and opportunities of both. Tech-savvy lawyers add value in traditional legal settings—the law firm, the boardroom, the courthouse—but they also increasingly play critical roles in private firms and government offices where that shape technology norms and policy. 

We believe more organizations will need lawyers who have also received rigorous technical training. In order to help fill that demand, we are recruiting STEM students to law, cultivating faculty work in law and technology, partnering with tech-focused employers, and convening special events that examine how technology is changing the practice of law and the administration of justice. 

University of Arizona Law’s TechLaw program was created to start a new kind of dialog, and a new kind of lawyer. Our work fosters a unique approach to law and technology that is geared toward fully understanding and solving a problem using the best available mix of technical, legal, and industry tools and standards.

The TechLaw program includes:

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