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Focus Areas: Cybersecurity

Recent data hacks of corporations using software like SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange, as well as of critical infrastructure like Colonial Pipeline, have taken cyber-attacks to a new level, demonstrating the vulnerability of our public and private networks and the ability of hackers to cripple society with the stroke of a key. The cybersecurity industry is booming and demand for legal professionals with knowledge of the field is high.

TechLaw has unique strength in this area of growing importance. Derek Bambauer has written several seminal articles articulating the goals, limits, and occasional clashes between different forms of information security. These include:

Derek Bambauer, Cybersecurity: An Interdisciplinary Problem (2021) (with Justin Hurwitz, David Thaw, and Charlotte Tschider). Purchase the book on Amazon.

Derek Bambauer, Schrödinger’s Cybersecurity, 48 UC Davis L. Rev. 791 (2015).

Derek Bambauer, Ghost in the Network, 162 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1011 (2014).

Derek Bambauer, Privacy Versus Security, 103 J. Crim. L. & Criminology 667 (2013).

Andrew Keane Woods is expert on the national security and geopolitical strategies related to cross-border information flow, and Jane Bambauer conducts research on the practical potential for a Quantum Internet to provide secure communications even if public key encryption becomes undermined by quantum computing. TechLaw offers an elective course on cybersecurity law, and we have research and training opportunities related to post-Quantum data security through our work with the Center for Quantum Networks.

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Focus Areas: Cybersecurity
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Cybersecurity: An Interdisciplinary Problem offers a comprehensive introduction to the challenges of cybersecurity from legal, business, economic, and technical perspectives. This textbook provides an interdisciplinary introduction to each of these fields that is at once accessible to students and teachers from each but sophisticated enough to be useful to those
Discourse Type: Scholarship
2021 University of Illinois Law Review Online 170 (Apr. 30, 2021) Technology policy issues were a dominant theme in the 2020 presidential election campaign. In his first hundred days, President Biden has taken a steady, incremental approach to the formation and rollout of his technology initiatives. Four trends have emerged.

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