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Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship

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Focus Areas: Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship

Intellectual property (IP) law is one of the fastest-growing areas of law.  It deals with building the legal foundation for managing innovation and promoting progress, whether that’s assisting researchers working on a new cancer treatment or helping artists and performers protect their music, designs and other creations.

Arizona Law’s IP program is loaded and includes:

  • Full and varied IP Curriculum
  • IP Specialization Certificate
  • Practical Experiential IP Classes and Programs
  • IP and Entrepreneurship Clinic
  • Participation in national IP Moot Court competitions (patent and trademark)
  • Participation in USPTO Law School Certification Program (patent and trademark)
  • Hub for the State of Arizona under the US Patent Office Pro Bono Program
  • IP Law Review (Journal of Emerging Technologies)
  • Running IP Industry Conferences

As part of a world-class research university, Arizona law also works with scientists and technologists across campus to help them protect and commercialize their ideas.


This comment, coauthored by Prof. Jane Bambauer, addresses Accountable Tech’s Petition asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to initiate a rulemaking to prohibit tailored advertising as an unfair method of competition. We make five main points that cast serious doubt on the wisdom and viability of such a rulemaking. First,
Derek Bambauer and twenty-five other trademark experts submitted a letter opposing a bill that would expand trademark law in a way that could significantly curtail comparison shopping online.
Forthcoming in the Minnesota Law Review U.S. trademark law often permits simultaneous use of the same brand by multiple entities. Its approach to deciding when and how this concurrent use is permissible has become antiquated, rooted in outdated assumptions about trade and telecommunications. By using the physical location of mark

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