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Courses and Special Opportunities

TechLaw students can take a range of courses related to technology policy, and can also choose to complete a certificate in intellectual property, business law, health law, or regulatory science.

We regularly offer the following courses


  • TechLaw Seminar (Topics in Technology Law and Policy. Topics change each year.)
  • Cyberlaw
  • Information Privacy 
  • Cybersecurity
  • The First Amendment
  • Patent Law
  • Copyright Law 
  • Trademarks & Unfair Competition 
  • Intellectual Property Law (Survey Course)
  • IP and Entrepreneurship Clinic
  • Patent Litigation Fundamentals  
  • Innovation for Justice
  • Leadership in Legal Innovation
  • Visualizing Justice
  • Empirical Methods and the Law
  • Business Organizations
  • Antitrust Law
  • Advanced Torts: Economic and Dignitary Harms
  • Health Care Finance & Regulation 
  • Bioethics and Law 
  • Public Health Law and Ethics
  • Drug Discovery, Development, and in the Market 
  • Development and Innovation: Biologics, Devices, and Diagnostics 
  • Regulatory Science Case Study Project 
  • Regulatory Science Colloquium 
  • Translational Pathways for Medical Devices 
  • Access to Investigational Medical Products (drugs)
  • Health Information Technology
  • Data Privacy & Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Please search for "TechLaw Program" in "Other Funds"