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Cybersecurity: An Interdisciplinary Problem

Focus Areas: Cybersecurity
Discourse Type: Books

Cybersecurity: An Interdisciplinary Problem offers a comprehensive introduction to the challenges of cybersecurity from legal, business, economic, and technical perspectives. This textbook provides an interdisciplinary introduction to each of these fields that is at once accessible to students and teachers from each but sophisticated enough to be useful to those from any of them. Cybersecurity: An Interdisciplinary Problem provides theoretical and practical introductions to the distinctions between privacy and cybersecurity, technical foundations needed to understand the challenges of securing complex systems, and an introduction to the legal concepts needed to understand the unique challenges of cybersecurity law and policy. It also introduces processes and frameworks used by private and public institutions to manage cybersecurity programs as industry standards and best practices, and offers extensive discussion of cybersecurity from a risk management perspective. Cybersecurity: An Interdisciplinary Problem provides essential information to future practitioners in legal, technical, and business fields to lead in this exciting, rapidly developing area.

Author(s): Derek Bambauer, Justin “Gus” Hurtzog, David Thaw, and Charlotte Tschider

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