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Vincent Yesue

Vincent Yesue

Focus Areas : Free speech

Originally from Bolton, Massachusetts, Vincent Yesue earned a B.A. in Computer Science and a Minor in Mathematics from New York University before starting a technology career. He worked at Internet service providers during college, where he learned the basics of system administration and incident response before teaming up with a group of friends to launch Sonicity, a software startup that built a streaming media delivery network. At Akamai, he learned how to deliver consistent, high-performance Web sites and digital media across the globe for the Executive Office of the President, branches of the military, NASA, the NFL, and first-generation social media networks. He rejoined partners from Sonicity at Sooloos, where he helped build user interface tools and compiled datasets that drove a smart music selection engine. At ExtraHop, he built a global team of enterprise consultants who helped customers understand complex applications and networks, and to integrate existing technology stacks with network detection and response systems.

On weekends you might find him racing at Tucson Speedway or tinkering on his cabin in the Snowy Range of Wyoming. A member of the Barry Davis National Trial Team, Vincent is passionate about developing litigation skills with an eye toward civil litigation in the cybersecurity insurance sector.

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